Monday, 28 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: (Life Cycle Of Moss) Final Animation

Fantastic Voyage: Voice Over Script

Performed in my final animation by Jim Johnson, this is the script for the narration:

· I’m going to take you through the life cycle of a moss.
· Firstly, a moss spore germinates to form a protonema.
· The protonema then grows a male or female gametophyte, depending on its sex cells.
· The antheridium develops on the male gametophyte and sperm are produced in the antheridium.
· The sperm are released with the help of moisture so they can swim over to the egg in the female archegonium.
· This is where a zygote is formed.
· The zygote divides by mitosis to form a sporophyte in the form of a stalk and capsule.
· New spores are produced by meiosis in the capsule and when it has ripened, the tip detaches to expose the spores.
· Moisture and wind help to release and disperse the spores away from the capsule.
· They are carried through the air and once they find a suitable ground, they can re-germinate and the cycle can continue.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: First Scene Render Test - with Voiceover

Here's a test render I have, along with music and professional voice over! As it stands, there are still changes I want to make (more vibrant, less reflective, and get some of my own mark making on those surfaces if I can). But anyway, work in progress!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: (Playblast) With Colour and Changes

So i've made a few changes that you mentioned and also added some colour though this is just a playbast so it will look different when properly rendered.

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: Updated Pre-Viz

My last file you saw corrupted and so I had to do everything again. I think this is better than the original one anyway.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

@Phil - Fantastic Voyage: Colour Test

Hey Phil, So here's a quick experiment in maya for the colour I'm aiming to achieve. There is still lots I'm going to change, such as the opening scene starts to quick at the moment and I was thinking that there should be more sperm cells released from the male and likewise when the spores are released from the capsule. I've currently left the last scene (the release of the spores) empty as I'm going to re-do the travel of the spores and camera tracking. I've also kept the music to it but I feel like I might have to find something a little longer for the animation not to feel rushed. Alternatively I could just have a voiceover + SFX. Let me know what you think :)