Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Adaptation Part B: Preferred Colour Scheme + Quotes

This is my colour scheme of preference, with a lot of black and some greens, reds, and yellows for highlights. It creates the atmosphere I am after and looks quite haunting. They still need some adjustments and I still need to work out a third concept art piece for the final room.

Adaptation Part B: New Colour Comps

Here's some new colour compostions, the top left ones are my slightly altered paint-overs, then the other three are playing with the colours in photoshop. I kept the set up of perspective the same as I really like how it is already. My favourite outcomes are the top right ones that are mostly black with red and green highlights, it gives a really creepy atmosphere and fits in well with the story.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Adaptation Part B: Initial Set Modelling

One of the features of the house of 'the red room' is a spiral staircase so that was my starting point for initial modelling, I can now begin to get a better feel of the house itself and start to plan how everything else will look and where it will go. For my other props I think I will make orthographics to model from whereas the staircase was easier to model straight away. There will be many more adjustments but this is just the idea for now.