Monday, 28 April 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Voice Over Script

Performed in my final animation by Jim Johnson, this is the script for the narration:

· I’m going to take you through the life cycle of a moss.
· Firstly, a moss spore germinates to form a protonema.
· The protonema then grows a male or female gametophyte, depending on its sex cells.
· The antheridium develops on the male gametophyte and sperm are produced in the antheridium.
· The sperm are released with the help of moisture so they can swim over to the egg in the female archegonium.
· This is where a zygote is formed.
· The zygote divides by mitosis to form a sporophyte in the form of a stalk and capsule.
· New spores are produced by meiosis in the capsule and when it has ripened, the tip detaches to expose the spores.
· Moisture and wind help to release and disperse the spores away from the capsule.
· They are carried through the air and once they find a suitable ground, they can re-germinate and the cycle can continue.

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