Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Adaptation Part B: The Red Room By H.G. Wells

I'm thinking of adapting 'The Red Room' By H.G Wells for my Part B. In Year 1 I did three digital paintings for the short story, which I thought were quite successful, the vibrant reds and greens really gave a toxic and haunting feel so hopefully I can recreate that same kind of atmosphere in a digital set. These were my final three paintings for that project:


 I think the splitting beams of light and the strong, bold mark-making really brings them to life. After my tutorial with Alan, he showed me Alex Edmond's work from his adaptation project last year which has a similar style to mine. We discussed how I could use some of the techniques he did to create my desired effect. Here's some renders of Alex's set:

I really like this style and would aim to have camera movement / small aspects of animation in my set as well.

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