Thursday, 26 September 2013

Understanding atmospheric perspective

I just watched this video that Jordan (Buckner) recommended on someone else's blog, regarding their thumbnail paintings. I thought it was quite good and think it will help me a lot with my own digital painting and creating atmosphere quickly as i'm still struggling a little with getting used to using the tablet and digital painting.
Video by Scott Robertson -


  1. Hi Megan, thanks for posting this. I'll be explaining some of these principles on Monday but it's great that you are watching videos and trying to learn more. Scott Robertson and Feng Zhu have great channels which explore some of these fundamentals. Give them a watch and remember to keep drawing all the time :)

  2. Hi Megan - you can embed videos into your own blog template very easily:
    when you create a new blog post, you'll see you've got 'Compose' and 'HTML' options on the top left of your window. If you click on 'HTML' you'll see how your blog post is transformed into lines of code. So, if you want to embed a video or a Scribd document, go find the 'embed code' for the video, which you'll find on Youtube under 'share'. Select and copy the embed code, and then, in HTML mode in blogger, paste the code into your window. Click on 'Compose' and you should see that you've now got a video embedded - which you can centralise via the text alignment control :)

  3. Ok, thanks guys! I'll try that next time Phil (: