Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A: Infographic - The Timeline Of A Dog's Day (Submission)

The Making Of...

Final Infographic

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  1. Megan there is a ‘Does what it says on the tin’ aspect to your film which is quiet appealing. It makes use of traced objects, music, and text to successfully communicate a day in the life of a dog. Under those terms you cannot be faulted. However, there’s also an argument here that can be made around your level of overall ambition. Whilst your infographic works it doesn’t stray beyond a certain comfort zone and simplicity into a project which explores the potential of graphic design to communicate to an audience. This is particularly true when considering the timeframe and your level of study. I’d suggest looking at the links below and recognizing the amount of ambition, work, and consideration that has gone into making them. I’m not suggesting you look at these in regard to ability but simply that there is great deal more work that has gone into their production over the period. In future work be more ambitious, dig a little deeper, and seek out new ways to approach your work.