Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Adaptation Part B: Preferred Colour Scheme + Quotes

This is my colour scheme of preference, with a lot of black and some greens, reds, and yellows for highlights. It creates the atmosphere I am after and looks quite haunting. They still need some adjustments and I still need to work out a third concept art piece for the final room.


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  2. Apologies Megan but this work cannot be marked - By painting over your old work you are copying an older version of yourself - It is not new work. You have moved on since then and become a year 2 student, you have new skills and insights in how to build a project. Your work needs to reflect that change. Please refer to the assessment criteria (see below) for the project. Go back to the source material and assess it with fresh eyes.

    Understanding through application: of developed creative methodology that evidences increasing independence in concept development, experimentation, research, judgement and problem solving.