Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Further Inspiration

EPIC (2013)
I find the environments in 'Epic' so refreshing and satisfying to the eye. The mostly green colour palette throughout exploits nature at it's finest. I also really like how from afar the scenes seem perfectly normal and fairly realistic but the close-ups take you into a whole new world of fantasy where the plants are personified and really come alive in the most fascinating way. 


'The Croods' is a more exotic adventure and again, the environments really catch my eye. With unworldly vegetation, species and vibrant colours, the audience really engage with the exciting palette and magical space.

With these two films being my main source of inspiration / influence, I aim to keep areas in my animation with hints of uniqueness and vibrancy like in The Croods and also personify and give some characteristics where possible in the 'moss reproduction cycle' like in Epic. I want to make a 3D journey that shows science in a magical and elegant way. 

*Images screen-shotted from YouTube trailers (see below for reference).

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