Monday, 31 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Maya Pre-Viz

Music Only
Music and Narration
This is what I have so far. Quite pleased with it but not sure about the camera movement in act three (where the new spores are released), maybe it is too frantic? And obviously if I am going to be having a voiceover, it will not be me (This is just an example for what it might be like). Feedback welcome :)

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  1. yep - the capsule scene is strange in terms of camera; it gets too complex. In regards to your production design - which makes a feature out of strong shapes against a black background - it seems more logical to simply keep the camera looking at the capsule, as it pops, perhaps with a slight zoom towards the capsule to promote a sense of urgency, then we see the spores released and then the camera tracks away to follow the spores as they fall.

    Some additional things to think about when you put your next pre-viz together; I want you to commit to the actual running time - i.e. what are we looking at when the film starts; for example, do the two spores fade up into existence in the black space before the narration begins and the activity starts? What are we looking at in terms of typeface and title - and for how long? Likewise, at the end of your film; for how long do we look at the new spores before the film completes, and do we see the spores begin to germinate again, so we fully understand that we're back to the beginning again? I think you need to commit purposefully to securing a voice over - because that will give you your proper duration; at the moment things feel a little fast, and I'm hoping a pro talk-track will give your visuals more time to bed down. If you haven't approached a voice-over artist yet, you should! Do it today. Do it now - once you've got it, you will have your timings. I'm also looking forward to seeing you begin some texturing tests i.e. how you can get that strong, saturated colour etc. Lots to do, but you're on it!