Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Life Drawing 2

 In today's Life Drawing class we had the same model as last week to draw. We started off by drawing Jane in four different poses for five minutes each, I quite enjoyed doing this one as the time limit made me work quite quick but it was enough time to get some other information in the drawing such as light and shadows. When it was finished it showed how she was moving about the room quite well. In the next exercise we were not allowed to draw any lines straight away, we just had to focus on the light / dark areas and negative space around Jane. Once I had put all my dark areas down on the page I worked into the lines and structure of her body with pencil to make the composition stronger. The next task was to draw her 10 times for one minute each but still trying to capture the tonal shadows, I found this one more difficult as I felt I was quite rushed for time and some of them could of been a lot stronger with little bit of extra time. Finally we did a continuous line drawing for 15 minutes of a medium of our choice, I chose pen as my previous pieces were all done in charcoal. This one didn't turn out so well in my opinion, I didn't mind the technique with the 'sketchy' effect to show tone but my proportions were not right. The top half wasn't so bad but something went wrong in the bottom half and it just doesn't look right. Overally pleased with the outcomes :)

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