Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thumbnails to Maya Development

I painted these thumbnails in Jordan's Photoshop class, I'm happy and confident in keeping a vibrant colour palette for this project and my secret lair but I struggled to get a good sense of scale in my concepts - they all felt quite close-up. So Jordan suggested that I go into Maya and create some basic shapes in a scene for my lair and just to play around with scale and the camera angle as this will then help me create more exciting thumbnails with interesting shots. This is what I've created so far...
 They are mainly inspired by thumbnails 2 and 3;


  1. I was drawn to these thumbnails immediately, Megan - POW! Love what's happening in the red one - very 'atom age'!

  2. Same, caught my eye on the blogger dashboard!


  4. Heyy Megan (:
    I really like the boldness of colour that you have used in these thumbnails, makes them really stand out and catch the audiences attention ^^