Saturday, 16 November 2013

Maya: Secret Lair Experiments

A quick play around on Maya, adding textures / colours to my idea for my lair. I quite like how it's coming along, just wandering if the colours are too playful for an 'Atomic Master Criminal' ?
Any suggestions / opinions ?


  1. Hi Megan - don't forget to render out as 16:9 - because it will give you better compositions; in terms of colour, I suggest you derive a colour palette from some additional visual resource - to guide you, but also to give you the confidence to put some bold colours together; for example, if you look at 1950's b-movie posters:

    1950's wallpaper and textile designs:

    and also 1950s graphic design:

    There was something really effective about your colours in that 'red' thumbnail you produced earlier - I do think limiting your colour scheme would prove effective - and also making a bold choice in terms of the colour of the walls and ceilings - for example, see this illustration:

    Go bold in terms of colour - but consider a more 'graphical' approach to colour, shape and form.