Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Character Class: Mini Task - Street Fighter Vs. Connect 4

Yesterday with Justin we were all given two cards with opposite kinds of games written on them which we then had to think of a game which is a combination of the two. The two games I got were Street Fighter (Video Game) and Connect 4 (Physical Strategy Game).

I made some notes for my idea and came up with a game where two opponents fight (like in street fighter) but with softer weaponry or just kicking and punching. As Connect 4 is a kids strategy game I didn't want anything too violent. The player that wins the fight gets to place a bomb in the grid-like setup of that in Connect 4 and once 4 bombs of the same colour are connected in any direction, the other opponent is blown up. Also if you win, you can choose some sort of upgrade. I made a quick idea for a logo for the game which I decided to call 'Connect Gore!' which incorporates both fun and violence as in Connect 4 the counters are red and yellow and the structure that holds them is blue. I used these same primary colours in my logo where the bombs are blue and yellow and the dripping blood and the letters are red. Although the bombs and blood are very violent, I used the primary colours, a rounded font for the 'CG' game initials and put fun faces on the bombs.

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