Friday, 31 October 2014

Character: Olympigs - Character Development

Pig characters refined in Photoshop and why I've chosen certain colours for each character:

Standard Pig - Pretty generic pink pig.
Swim Pig - Orange colour disguises him like the goldfish, blue snorkel like the water.
Demon Pig - Twice the size of the other pigs, intimidating and coloured red because he's angry and dangerous. Upright pointy ears, angular face, snout and eyes, angry eyebrows and fangs.
PigWings - Glows yellow from halo, flies slowly and gracefully like and angel. Halo attached to tail.
Skinny Pig - Half the size of other pigs, can fit through narrow tunnels and can dodge the Demon Pigs easier.
InvisiPig - Like Standard Pig but very low transparency so can hide from Demon Pigs.
Jet Pack Pig - Colours of Superman as character flies like a superhero over obstacles.

Will work on some environments/levels for Tuesday :)


  1. Loving the designs for the Jetpack and Swim! Reminds me of TMNT somehow! Good job Megan! :D

  2. Haha.. yeah I see what you mean! Thanks Ayunie ! :)