Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Character: Developed Game Idea

My Words:  Wildlife    |    Energy    |    Stability
My idea is to make an App game as I think it would suit my idea best and is also most current in the games industry. The characters are pigs, all with different abilities for the challenges they may come across. It will be an agility course type game with crazy kinds of pigs who will encounter obstacles and what is the best way to overcome them. They have to collect food along the way to keep their energy levels up. New pigs are revealed at each level and the player has to decide when is the best time to use them as special pigs are only usable for a limited time. Each next level has increasing difficulty.

Here's some drawings I've done for the pig characters.
Standard Pig: for general use in the game such as walking and jumping etc.
Flying Pigs: To fly over gaps in the path, areas of water or enemies (Demon Pigs). There is Jet Pack Pig and Pig Wings. If your pig is running out of energy he can use Jet Pack Pig, if your Pig has a lot of energy, Pig Wings can be used.
Demon Pig: Wants to attack other pigs and drain their energy levels.
Swim Pig: To cross areas of water in their path, turns orange in the water to blend in with the other fish and has a blue snorkel.
Skinny Pig: To fit through small tunnels.
InvisiPig: Uses transparency to hide from the Demon Pigs. (No Sketch Available)

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