Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Character: Games Influence Map

For my game I'm looking at either having platform style game where it's quite basic and blocky or one in the style of addictive app game 'Temple Run'. I'm edging more towards the Temple Run themed game as I think it will be easier to incorporate the device tilt action when playing rather than the more flat side view game. Like the coins in Temple Run, the Pigs will collect food to boost their energy levels but there will be many obstacles to dodge along the way such as gaps in the path, water, enemies etc. So the player will have to choose the appropriate pig to use each time to get to the end of the course. All the environments in each level will vary and get weirder each time to keep interest in the game. Player has to reach a certain score to unlock next level or new powers? 

Pigs (Wildlife/Animals)  Food (Energy) Tilt (Balance/Stability)

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