Sunday, 6 October 2013

Character and Animation

In our animation workshop with Meg on 4-10-13 we got together in groups of 4 and each had a piece of paper folded into 4 sections. We each then had to draw a head / face (however we wanted) and then pass on to the next person to draw the body, then the legs and finally the feet. This meant that in the end we had four strange hybrid creatures which we showed to the others and had a bit of a laugh.
We then chose one of these characters to develop frame by frame from just a circle as a starting point on a sheet of paper on the wall. Each time we made a slight change to the image we took a picture using software Dragon connected to a camera on a fixed tripod.
I think we did get slightly carried away with the animation as we got further along but we had lots of fun whilst making it. By the end we had about 100 frames and the final video playback was at 12 frames per second.
Here it is !

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