Thursday, 10 October 2013

Still Life

Today we created an arrangement of objects on the floor of the life drawing room to observe and replicate in the style that we wished - I found the task fun yet challenging.
We began making a drawing of what we could see and most people used charcoal / graphite as their medium, and we were given about 20 - 30 minutes to do this. The second time was much more free and independent style, I used mixed media for my piece. I started out with pencil, then fine liner, marker pens, water and coloured pastels; trying to create a good sense of perspective by adding more tone and detail into the objects nearest me. The final piece was a mixture of 4 / 5 different people's styles on one sheet of paper... we drew some of the still life for 3 minutes then moved clockwise round the circle to add something to the next drawing. The outcomes were interesting and it was a unique way of working.


  1. really like that top drawing, Megan :)

    1. oh thanks :) I wasn't so keen on that one though.