Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pre-Brief Research and Thumbnails


 With Jordan yesterday we practiced getting research and thumbnails done really quickly, not to be scared about having too much detail at this stage ad just trying new ways of working. So we were given three scenes to choose from and research which were;
The Secret Lair of the Candy land Huntsman
The Secret Lair of the Steam-punk Explorer
The Secret Lair of the Gaelic Golem
So first I did the Candy land Huntsman one. We were given roughly 10 mins each time to create a quick kind of influence map based on our characters and then 15 mins to create 'Secret Lair' thumbnails from the information we gathered. Here's my other two....

                                                   THE STEAM-PUNK EXPLORER

                                                              THE GAELIC GOLEM

 I really enjoyed this class and actually learnt a lot about how you can produce some potentially really useful thumbnails in a really short amount of time and not have to worry too much. Even from a few quick lines you can start to tell if the composition is working so then you can work more detail into it later. 
I will be using Jordan's tips when I find out my character / hero prop later on today.

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