Saturday, 12 October 2013

Face Morphing

Yesterday with Meg we created a short animation in our group of seven. We drew the person sitting to the left of us, then passed it to them to trace, leaving them with two key frames of two normal faces. We numbered these as frames 1 and 9. Then we used a 'ladder' technique to morph the two drawings in a smooth cycle. Basically using frame 1 and frame 9 on top of the light box and with a new piece of paper we drew the in between point to create frame 5. Frame 1 and 5 to get frame 3, frame 1 and 3 to get frame 2 and so forth until we had all 9 frames drawn. We then took it in turns to photograph our drawings with software Dragon so we could playback our full animation with everyone's face at the end. The final outcome worked really well and this is because the ladder technique made sure the frames were constant and smooth and the peg bar kept everything in place so our drawings were aligned correctly.
Here's the end product :)

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