Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life Drawing 1

In today's life drawing class we had a female model called Jane, (who I have drawn before in my foundation year). I really enjoy the drawing classes, I find them very relaxing and gives me a break from fixing my eyes on the computer screens. The first drawing was a single pose observation which we spent about 20 minutes on, I thought this one was the least successful as I don't think I got the proportions very accurate and just wasn't pleased with the overall appearance of it.
The second time, Jane held six different poses for just a minute each, I really enjoyed this exercise and although I felt a bit rushed, it got me working really quickly and loosely and I was surprised by how well some of them turned out. I especially liked the bottom right one :)
The third piece we drew Jane in two 15 minute sitting poses. I also thought this one was good as we had a lot more time to add some detail and tonal elements and use a medium of our choice, I stuck with the charcoal at first but then worked over the top with some ink so it was a lot bolder.
The final exercise was to draw Jane in 15 poses that were held for 30 seconds each which I found a bit more difficult as the time went so quickly and I was running out of room on my sheet of paper! The idea was to work very loose again with just a few suggestive lines etc and to try and capture the movement of her body and how it changes in the different positions.


  1. love that page of mini-poses! so dynamic!

  2. lots of energy in the quick poses! rlly like them