Saturday, 19 October 2013

More Experimentation

This was a quick painting I made yesterday in Jordan's Photoshop class. I started off with a line drawing of a sort of corridor scene (1) and then started to put in some colour to the walls and floor in a new layer (2). Thumbnails 3 and 4 were where Jordan spoke to me and told me not to worry too much about being too precious/precise at this stage of just experimenting. So here you can see where he demonstrated to me how to just block out areas of colour really quickly and play around with what perspective angle is right before I start putting in too much detail as he was saying that my perspective angle seemed a bit off. He recommended that I produce a set of thumbnails that are the same scene but just to test out different angles and perspectives so I can see what works as a composition.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Megain, aplogies for the problems with Wacom drivers yesterday, I know it was difficult to work with. But hopefully this just demonstrates that by working quickly and loosely you can start to test out ideas without spending too much time on them. For example, a page of studies exploring the colour, composition and perspective of this scene will really help solidify your ideas. Keep them coming, the colour in your previous pieces is really strong and it's now just a case of working out plenty of ideas on the page before you settle on them.