Thursday, 17 October 2013

Experimenting with Colour

I put my last digital painting (thumbnail 1) into Photoshop and duplicated it so I had 4 of the same image. By changing some of the reds, blues and greens in the 'Levels' option and changing 'Hue/Saturation', I came out with some really interesting colour combinations.
I think thumbnail 2 is a lot stronger than the original image (1) as I feel the colours are more intense and fitting for the story whereas I feel the original was a bit too light. Number 3 has a really Halloween-like feel and real spookiness - Hannah also mentioned that it reminded her of The Cabinet Of Dr.Caligari film in which I agreed on. For the fourth one, I went for a more blue looking scene although nothing too outrageous. I think that it actually works quite well, giving off a very cold, dark atmosphere with the hints of dark red on the walls and in the shadows.
Overall pleased with this quick exercise - feedback welcome! :)


  1. I love 3 - really 'toxic' somehow - very expressionistic and horror-themed, but I also like 2 - more traditional, but much more 'Red Room' now. I'm hoping you can take what you're learning here into your other thumbnails - I can already feel you relaxing and getting excited about the possibilities of this project, so I encourage you to get stuck in and push your creative development forward - good stuff, Megan :)

  2. Really like the colours in 2 + 3! looks really sinister!

  3. Hey megan.. i agree 2 and 3 work really well :)

  4. Thanks for your input, I think I will be heading more towards the colour scheme of No.3 for my final painting of this scene :)