Saturday, 5 October 2013

Inspirational Artist - Matt Gaser


 I have chosen to look at concept artist Matt Gaser, his digital concept paintings that I have seen online are so interesting and inspiring. His website takes you through his landscapes, projects, personal work, sketches, doodles, sculptures, biography and more; I really could spend hours looking at his work! 

In the ‘doodles’ section there are a range of basic developmental thumbnail style work, so just some quick ideas that he’s got down on a page as a starting point which shows that even the greatest digital paintings start off with the simplest quick pencil sketch. 

I feel that a lot of his ‘personal work’ has quite a whimsical / fantastical feel about it and just takes you to another world completely, I really admire his use of colour and his ideas in general.
He has worked for some really great companies such as Hallmark, Got Milk and Stormfront as well as working on some of the designs in the Star Wars films with Lucasfilm Animation. In his own time he does many personal projects and is starting to generate a range of merchandise.

I really would recommend a visit to his website... he has some fantastic stuff :) 

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